Our Programme


We are Liste Poppelsdorf. We stand up for the interests of students in the student parliament, AStA and university committees. Close cooperation with the student councils is particularly important to us, as they have direct contact with the students and their problems due to their proximity.

Topics underlying our work are equality of opportunity, inclusivity, sustainability, and making studying enjoyable. Above all, we keep our motions well-founded: instead of blindly submitting proposals which cannot be realised, we reach out to the affected parties, e.g. the student councils, student administration, and the University Computer Centre to find functional solutions.

In the previous legislation we were already able to accomplish much for the students. Apart from our work in- and outside of the parliamentary group & committees, we also took over presidency of the student parliament and the post of Head of the Department of Faculty Student Councils, two important positions which are indispensable for the student body. Furthermore, we play a part in university committees, the faculty council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and the council for student assistants.

What we want to achieve

  • Vegan breakfast in the CAMPO cafeteria, warm food in Endenich, expansion of the food truck for the Psychology campus as well
  • Assistance for students looking for accommodation
  • More quality of stay and space for student cultural events on campus
  • Better support for student councils and cultural groups when organising events
  • Abolish compulsory registration for exams
  • Make full-time doctoral positions the rule

What we stand for


TVStud, largely organised by us in Bonn, started a nationwide strike movement among students for the first time. As a result, we were able to enter into collective bargaining in December: The minimum wage for SHKs will be increased from 12 € to 13.25 € for the summer semester and contract terms of 12 months will be set as the norm. We are continuing to campaign for wages to be raised well above the minimum threshold and for rights such as holiday entitlement and contract duration to be respected at the university.

Hochschulaktionstag Bonn am 20. November 2023

Take the Student Ticket to Sylt

The federal and state governments have finally moved. The discounted Deutschlandticket is to be introduced for the summer semester for 29.40 €; although without the ability to bring a bike or person for free in the VRS area during off-hours, we can travel nationwide on local transit at low cost. We will work to ensure that the ticket is retained and remains affordable, and we also want to bring back the bring-along regulations!

Ketchup for Everyone!

There is also a need for action in the student union canteens. For example, the CAMPO café does not offer a vegan breakfast. In the afternoons, students are still left without affordable options; we are calling for an afternoon service, which the StwB has already promised us in the form of scooped dishes in the café.
In Endenich, there is a food truck at most once a week and no warm food at all in Psychology. In the long term, building another cafeteria is the only sensible solution, but until then at least the food truck’s offerings must be drastically expanded.

Tear Down the Red Tape!

Cultural groups, student committees and student councils often have to struggle with the university administration. It can take several weeks in the best-case scenario before permits are granted, and the university administration’s requirements can only be met with a great deal of personpower and money. Events such as the Campus Festival were well attended and show that leisure activities are also part of everyday university life. We in the SP and AStA are committed to ensuring that these events continue to take place in the future and receive appropriate funding. Furthermore, we demand more support from the university for student events, more usable rooms and the removal of bureaucratic hurdles!

Campus-Festival 2023
© NatFak Festival e. V.

Small, cold, expensive

The housing market in Bonn is disastrous and more and more students are commuting long distances. Those who are not lucky enough to get one of the scarce places in the student union dormitories have to pay rents at absurd levels. Building new dormitories is important and can solve the problems in the long term, but does not help right now. We are therefore calling for a placement centre to support students in their search for and rental of private accommodation, as especially international students are finding it increasingly difficult to find accommodation.

App geht’s!

After years of waiting, something is happening with the Uni App. The first content is available and the app is set to replace our paper student ID card next summer semester. In the IT department, we have been supporting the development over the past year, paying attention to data protection and a paper solution for printing. The task now is to continue to incorporate the student perspective: Integration of the canteen card, library card and loans, reservation of study places – and everything open source!

Mental Health

Since the coronavirus crisis, students have been in a worse mental state than ever before. Exam stress, last exam attempts and compulsory registrations for exams are exacerbating the situation, not to mention the standard period of study. We are calling for an annual survey of students’ mental health. The results must be published without embellishment in order to identify and tackle problem areas. In addition, counselling services must be expanded and the topic must be more present in teaching. We are committed to reducing the burden of studying through internships, assignments and full examination phases with better study organisation.

Grey to Green

The campuses of the University of Bonn are developing in one direction in particular: more concrete, less green. We are committed to ensuring that all campuses have a better quality of life. To this end, we are calling for ecologically sensible greening, including façade greening and the creation of recreational areas on the campuses with cosy seating that also enable people to work together. And the lack of study areas, group work rooms and video conferencing spaces must finally be remedied!

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